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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you find a preceptor for me every clinical rotation?

Before ANCS accept a student, we carefully weigh whether or not it would be feasible to actually locate a preceptor for them. We try our best not to take a student if we do not feel confident in placing them. Although we have been successful in linking students with preceptors in the past, there may be some cases where we are unable to do so due to very late requests, or the difficulty of the region which the student is requesting.


Does ANCS charge for finding me a preceptor?

Yes, we do. After you have made the decision to put us to work for you and you sign a contract, a deposit is then required for us to begin locating your preceptor.  We will not begin the search until payment is made. The remaining balance is due at least two weeks before the start of your rotation.


What are your fees?

ANCS offers one of the lowest basic fees on the market which will be individualized per clinical hour as required by your school. Location services are considered last minute when the student reaches out to us and we have less than 4 weeks to find a preceptor before a clinical start date. Last minute fees are assessed differently per contract signed.


Why do I even have to pay for a preceptor?

We would rather that fees for a preceptor are paid out directly from your school and not you, unfortunately most universities do not offer this option to students. Our fees are considered an honorarium as we do not charge the actual amount (which would be in upwards of $5000) for services that are rendered by our clinical partners in the workforce. Also, locating a preceptor is not an easy task as it can be time-consuming and tedious. Preceptorship is hard work and we would like to be able to show appreciation to our clinical partners for helping to teach you the art of medicine.


What is the next step after you have found me a preceptor?

The contractual process between the student and the preceptor starts. We strongly recommend that you respond to us and/or the preceptor in a time-sensitive manner to help smooth the process. Lack of timely response can cause you to lose a preceptor and we would hate to see that happen.


What happens after I have signed a contract and started my clinical rotation but cannot complete the rotation?

There may be a time when you may not be able to fulfil a rotation with the preceptor ANCS found for you. We will review this on a case by case basis and if we are unable to find a replacement preceptor, we will determine what the appropriate prorated refund will be.


What happens if I signed a contract and you still cannot find me a preceptor?

If you have signed a contract and made your deposit with ANCS and we are unable to find you a preceptor, we will refund you according to your contractual agreement. Refunds vary depending on the contract you signed.


Can I cancel my contract at any time?

Yes, you may do so if you decide that you no longer need our services before your clinical start date. You may also cancel your contract after starting your clinical rotation, however prorated refunds may vary depending on the contract you signed.


Can you guarantee that you will find the best preceptor for me?

At ANCS, we try our very best to match you with the best preceptor possible. Although we provide the matching services between you and the preceptor, the responsibility of vetting that preceptor falls upon your school through their required contractual paperwork with the preceptor. However, because we value the input from our students based on their previous feedback, we try our best not to partner with health care providers who do not meet our qualifications or who may be known to have a bad reputation with students in the workforce.


What is required of the ANCS preceptor?

ANCS ask our clinical partners to provide the nurse practitioner student with regular feedback regarding their clinical skills. This includes informal critiquing discussions with the student, as well completing any mid-rotation, final evaluations and conference calls with the student and their clinical faculty as may be required by the protocol of the individual university.


What are required experiences for the Nurse Practitioner student with an ANCS preceptor?

Nurse practitioner students must have the opportunity for clinical training. Supervision by you as a preceptor may vary depending on the experience of the student and your comfort level. Once you are comfortable with the skills of that student, it is completely acceptable to allow them to perform histories and exams without direct supervision. Presentation and discussion of the patient encounter along with variable plans of care for the patient is strongly recommended along with you reviewing and confirming the student’s findings with the patient.