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About ANCS

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“To help streamline the process to degree completion”

Securing a preceptor for clinical rotations can be a long and daunting task for the Nurse Practitioner student. Regardless of if this is your first or last rotation, our goal here at ANCS is to help streamline the process so that you can more efficiently utilize your valuable time to successfully complete your graduate degree.

“We have almost 15 years of combined experience.”

The staff here at ANCS have been in the health care industry with almost 15 years of combined experience. We love what we do and want to share our passion by helping others. Because we are a nurse practitioner-owned business, we know what it takes to successfully manage your time and our resources.

“We strive to provide the best resources available.”

Our team of skillful consultants are passionate about serving you. Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify your needs and opportunities. We are always working on many solutions to simultaneously help the student and the preceptor. At ANCS, we strive to provide the best resources available for our students, preceptors, and schools. That’s how we ensure our commitment to your success.

Why Us?

Why choose us


Find A Match

Finding the right match for you is our keynote, that’s why when it comes to placement, we are selective. We only choose the most qualified preceptors to help satisfy your clinical needs.


On Your Side

Regardless of if you are the student in need of a preceptor or you are the dedicated medical provider who wants to precept the student, we are on your side!


Focused Support

We want to give you the time and support you deserve. We understand your unique clinical challenges because as fellow Nurse Practitioners, we too have been through the struggle of finding preceptors and can invest the time needed for your success.